Thursday, 19 October 2017

I can see my floor now~

After a whole week of bubble wrapping and labelling the arcade boards, I have rid the room of the oversized cardboard coffins they were in. During the course of archiving, I had collected a giant box full of JAMMA looms the operator used to interface the boards to the machines. In NZ, the machines have their own type of connections, probably instigated by the Coincascade or Wizards Entertainment group.

A fair bit of spillage of NEO GEO gear here and there.

STV carts are quite hard to store, too small to stack and too big to store.

I manage to fill the shelves with most of  my latest acquisitions. Got a couple CPS1 games strew about as I test them before selling. The cardboard boxes contain game boards I have sold or selling at the moment.

Keeping the top shelf relatively light in weight but heavy in value. May the arcade Gods bless them from harm.

I will try to put the games in categories soon to fully utilise the space. Might need to fabricate some kind of index place holders to make looking for games easier.

These are very special games that I would be working on as soon as my order of JAMMA fingerboards arrive.

This shelf holds the heavy boards and my CPS2 stash. Some of them are still in their original boxes and paperwork. I got a couple of my NAOMI setup for sale at the moment to free up some room. CPS2 games are highly collectable.

Wishing you were you can, sort of.

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