Monday, 23 October 2017

Has been a JAMMA'n weekend

Went to work on a couple of games. I decided to make adapters for the authentic boards first before moving onto the reproduction/bootleg boards. First on the bench is GAPLUS or Galaga 3. Got to admit, playing Galaga with a 8 way stick is kind of scary but it is definitely Galaga through and through.

Next on the bench is Stinger. It harks ZAXXON. But now the ship is smaller, enemies number has increased and also the stage is bigger. It also employs a support system. I need to put more time into this game. Nice to see an official TAITO NZ sticker on it though.

Finally, I had Bank Panic on the bench. This game was never played in NZ as far as I can tell because the harness adapter has not been wired up until today. This game employs a 2 way joystick movement and a 3 buttons shooting scheme: Left, Centre and Right, corresponding to the Doors the Sheriff character will be shooting at and you need to shoot the masked cowboys. Basically a gun game, with joystick and buttons.

Finally folks, it is always not a good idea to jam the wind...unless you are Windjamming. It was a wonderful long weekend.

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