Thursday, 19 October 2017

TGIF...It is déjà vu

Sometimes it pays a little more to a lot more. I stumbled on a guy selling a whole lot of over-priced GEO NEO gear in the local auction and spotted two games I would like. There was a fair amount of to and fro but at the end I convinced him his prices are based on international demand and the NZ demand is nothing like that. I also got him to register for credit card payments, which is an awesome way to attract new buyers. Win-Win aye?

The marque for Andro Dunos looks suspiciously like another STG...

Nothing like Jammin in the wind, like Windjammers. One of the best future sports ever, next to Soccer Brawl and Baseball 2020.

The quality of the documentation is insanely good.

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